Edge Server, Microservice, SAP Edge Server on-premise edition, HiveX, SAP SQL Anywhere, Essential Business Functions Service, Streaming Services, Persistence Service, Predictive Analytics

Main Features

Edge Server on-premise edition
  • Essential Business Functions Service
  • Streaming Services
  • Persistence Service
  • Predictive Analytics
  • SAP SQL Anywhere
  • My SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Web-based IoT utility by Linux(Yacto)
  • IoT Studio: 
    Drag-and-drop UI for IoT/Field Device/Data Source preprocessing & Data-Patch Define with node.js
  • Dashboard: 
    Visualization for IoT Studio
  • Container Management:
    Container management software by portainer
  • NexUA: 
    OPC UA Server
  • Publish Data Source & Dashboard to remote service:
    • One-click to Cloud(One Click Deploy)
    • One-click to Edge(One Click Deploy)


The NexAIoT NISE 3900R - SAP Edge Server is equipped with the SAP Edge Services on-premise edition and is the field data-acquisition to get the sensor data, machine status, asset information and all the other essential information required in manufacturing field by Streaming Service. The NISE 3900R also supports the Persistence Service to store both OT and business information then synchronize by Essential Business Function Service. NISE 3900R connects the OT to SAP ERP/ME/MII, S4/HAMA by Essential Business Function Services and makes the Smart Manufacturing system and service .


Microservice MySQL YES
Mongo DB YES

SAP Edge Server 
on-premise edition
Essential Business Functions Service YES
Streaming Services YES
Persistence Service YES
Predictive Analytics YES

HiveX Control Panel YES
IoT Studio YES
Dashboard YES
Container Management YES
Web-based IoT utility  YES
NexUA: OPC UA Server YES
One-click to Cloud YES

IoT Connectivitynode Modbus TCP YES
Modbus RTU YES
Siemens S7 Communication(ISO-on-TCP) YES
 MQTT Publisher/Subscriber YES
 RESTful API(http request) YES
 TCP Socket YES
 OPC UA Client YES
 Websocket YES
 Microsoft Azure IoT Hub YES
 Microsoft Azure Event Hubs YES

Data node csv YES
jason YES
node.js YES

Dashboard Widget Basic Widget YES
Industrial Widget YES
NVD3 Widget YES

CPU & Memory CPU Gen 8 Intel Core i7 
(3.2GHz, 6C12T, 65W)
Chipset Q370 (Cannon Lake)
Max. Memory Built-in 16GB DDR4

Graphis DVI 1 (DVI-D) 
DP (Display Port) 1

Storage HDD Space 1TB HDD*2
mSATA Supported 1

External I/O USB 6 x USB 3.0
4 x USB 2.0
LAN Ports 3 x GbE
Audio Mic-in

Serial & GPIO Serial Port (External)
* : isolation
2 x RS232/422/485
Serial Port (internal) 2 x RS232
GPIO internal 4-in/4-out (internal)

Expansion miniPCIe 1
M.2 1 x M.2 M Key (2242) 
(4G LTE / Storage)
1 x M.2 B Key (2242)
SIM Card Holder 1

Power Power Input Range 9…30V DC
Power Supply Adapter Optional

Mechanical      System Dimension (WxDxH) 215 x 272 x 94 mm
Net weight 4.5kg

OS & SW Win7 32bit  -
Win7 64bit  -
Win10 32bit -
Win10 64bit -
Linux Yocto YES

Ordering Information

Edge Server, YOCTO(Linux), Microservice, SAP Edge Server on-premise edition,
 HiveX, I7, 16GB RAM, RAID, 1TB HDD*2, 9-30V DC
Part Number 
This product includes the following components:
     • NISE3900R  10J00390004X0
     • Core i7(i7-8700T) 71II02GTM4X00
     • 1T 2.5' HDD SATA3 73HH010T05X00 or same level
     • 16G RAM DDR4 SO-DIMM  72BEM16G05X00 or same level
     • HiveX  6014605309X00
     • SAP Edge Service On-Premise Edition 86SWSAPOLFX00


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2021/03/10 User_Manual_NexUA All OS PDF 7.1 MB
2021/03/10 User_Manual_HiveX Linux PDF 5.4 MB
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2021/08/24 2021 Product Solution Guide 1.0.0 All OS PDF 4.2 MB