FPCC Big SCADA Industrial IoT Project

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FPCC Big SCADA Industrial IoT Project

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Project End

2017, Still In Progress

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FPCC Vice President 謝錫福

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Tommy Lin Send an Email


Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPCC) is Taiwan’s largest private company and a major global supplier of petrochemical and steel products. It has more than 300 production sites worldwide; the primary sites are located in Taiwan, China, U.S., and Southeast Asia. The FPC’s headquarter is in Taipei, Taiwan, and it is a company with global operations. Its main business is in the petrochemical and steel industries, covering upstream, midstream, and downstream productions. FPC’s refinery in Mailiao, Taiwan, is ranked among the top ten refineries in the world.

In response to the general trend of Industry 4.0 Industrial Internet of Things, FPCC has specially chosen the No. 6 Naphtha Cracking Complex Refinery Facility as the demonstration plant of the Industrial Internet of Things. This project is to upgrade the traditional distributed control system (DCS) process monitoring to a wide-area intelligent control system platform (Big SCADA). The scope of the project covers: 1. Localized PC-based DCS 2. Integration of the whole plant information into the central monitoring center 3. Internet of Things for industrial fluid monitoring information 4. Cloud analysis of equipment vibration 5. Big SCADA upgrade of the central monitoring center After careful evaluation and technical appraisal by the FPCC, NexAIoT was selected as in 2016, providing essential equipment for missions 1, 2, 3, and 5, and becoming a valuable partner of FPCC in the Industrial Internet of Things. NexAIoT's products have been widely used in FPCC’s petrochemical and steel plants and are continue shipped for the orders. All NexAIoT products have been successfully installed in FPCC’s production sites in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and the United States. FPCC is a vital target customer for NexAIoT.


Traditional petrochemical plants have many types of on-site control systems and diversified industrial communications. Many systems and equipment in the plants operate independently and cannot provide horizontal information to be integrated into the central monitoring center. The industrial-grade gateway provided by NexAIoT has to overcome the differences in each station. The protocols of the control system are integrated into the main program control system’s DCS, such as Safety Controller, PLC, Power Meter, Industrial Flow, and Predictive Maintenance (PDM).

In the difficult task of domestic customization of the DCS, the traditional DCS control hardware was upgraded to a new PC-based architecture, including the man-machine interface (MMI) and FCS Controller, while maintaining the DCS monitoring software unchanged and fully support the system specifications of DCS redundant elements. The integration of PLC subsystems covers world-renowned brands such as OMRON, SIEMENS, Schneider, AB & GE, and the operating status of the controller is integrated into the MMI drawing of DCS through the IoT gateway.

To achieve the total solutions of the petrochemical plant area monitoring (wide-area monitoring), industrial fluids without monitoring systems in the past, such as pipeline monitoring of water and electricity, need to be transmitted to the central monitoring center through industrial wireless gateways.

Total Solutions

NexAIoT’s iAT2000 system is compliant to the industry 4.0 open architecture. In addition to the customized DCS system with MMI & Controller, the system also includes the IoT gateway with software and hardware integration. The IoT Studio software can program and transmit the information from the security control station, PLC control station, predictive maintenance control station, and industrial fluid control station to the DCS database center via the MQTT communication standard. The MMI of the intelligent monitoring center can support four different screen operations at the same time as the wide-area total solution of the intelligent control system platform (Big SCADA). Please refer to the system architecture diagram.

Results and Benefits

NexAIoT’s software and hardware development team played the dual role of system equipment developer and integration planner. The team worked closely with the R&D team from FPCC for a year and a half, they covered the tasks of integration, testing, installation, and on-site acceptance, finally completed this challenging project, and achieved the following results:

1.1. The DCS customizes the human-machine interface and controller and updates the old hardware architecture so that the DCS can continue to activate and extend the delivery cycle. The hardware design features include X86 system architecture, Fanless design, supports six Redundant network communications, embedded QNS real-time OS, supports four operation screens, one machine with dual MMI & Controller, and dual hard disk data backup design.

2. Industrial Internet of Things gateway, integrating each independent subsystem into the main control system’s DCS, expanding the field of operator monitoring to include safety control stations, subsystem PLC control stations, predictive maintenance control stations, and industrial fluid control stations.

3. The cloud IoT gateway transmits the vibration analysis information of essential on-site operating equipment such as motors and air compressors to the remote maintenance and maintenance center, which is analyzed by a dedicated person to achieve the pre-warning purpose of maintenance.

4. The industrial wireless communication gateway connects all industrial fluid equipment in the petrochemical field to the controller and monitoring center, reducing the physical layout of on-site communication pipelines and achieving the purpose of wide-area intelligent monitoring.

5.5. The iAT2000 system is introduced to closely integrate the advanced cloud intelligent Internet of Things and the traditional DCS control, and the overall solution implementation of the wide-area intelligent control system platform (Big SCADA) is completed.