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Rovii Robot Coffee

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Rovii, Robotic Vending Inc., President 蔡唯心

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Rossi Hsiao Send an Email


Industry 4.0 has deeply affected the retail service industry. With the advent of the robot generation, coffee drinking is also moving towards automation so that coffee drinkers have another choice. Moreover, new retail methods have gradually become the darling of the market, and there is no leading brand of smart retail coffee in the world. Therefore, NexAIoT uses this opportunity to create an unmanned coffee machine and uses a robotic arm to automatically brew a rich and robust coffee to solve the problems of the low quality of service and poor time management caused by the limited workforce in coffee shops. The introduction of innovative technology and smart management will allow shop owners free from the store’s business schedule, reduce various costs and expenses, and increase revenue.


  • Establishing a global back-end IoT control system.
  • Enabling the robotic arm to complete various motions in a limited space.
  • Programing the robotic arm to execute the latte pattern, which has been adjusted and improved many times over a long time to meet the standards of barista-made coffee.
  • Delivering an experience of fluency and transaction security from choosing a meal, placing an order, paying, to picking up a meal.
  • Providing absolute material monitoring that collects data on the production time and material status of each order to achieve immediate tracking.

Solution Architecture

Results and Benefits

The unmanned coffee kiosk can achieve 100% remote control, no manpower is required, and it can be opened for business as long as there is a power socket, and it can stay open for up to 22 hours a day. The speed of coffee production is also unmatched. A cup of American coffee without milk can be completed in one and a half minutes, and 26-40 cups can be made in one hour. At present, the Rovii team actively wants to enter the international market; its strategies include: using unmanned self-service to increase the ROI of individual stores, operating multinational exhibition stores (remote management) to enhance brand competitiveness, utilizing the replicability of robots to scale exhibition stores, and becoming the platform for member users to extend the product line. Rovii also hopes to expand the technology of coffee front-end preparation, develop factory-type roasting centers in overseas locations, and expand the scale of automated production. Rovii wants to control all the stores in the world from the office in Taiwan.