Integrating Smart Manufacturing Technologies towards Total Digital Solutions: NexAIoT Appoints New CTO Dr. Hoe Seng Ooi in its Next Phase of Growth

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (Apr. 20th, 2021) – NexAIoT has announced the appointment of Dr. Hoe Seng Ooi, as the new chief technology officer. Dr. Ooi joined NexAIoT following over two decades of management, engineering and R&D experience working in the e-mobility, energy, oil & gas and consumer appliance industries. In this position, Dr. Ooi will be responsible for consolidating NexAIoT’s R&D, technical services and business development, integrating smart manufacturing technologies towards total digital solutions, including industrial robotic process automation (iRPA2000), iAT2000 Cloud SCADA System and data-application platform (NexDATA), and delivering the NexAIoT’s global growth pipeline by leveraging its market leader position in providing Industry 4.0 solution worldwide.

“The manufacturing industry is undergoing digital transformation driven by Industry 4.0 technologies. This is an exciting moment to join NexAIoT.” said Dr. Ooi, NexAIoT CTO. “NexAIoT takes “Industry 4.0 and AIoT” as corporate vision to build our R&D core competency. NexAIoT’s next generation products and automation system will be intelligentized to enable AI-enhanced real-time insights of end-to-end manufacturing process for smarter, faster and more reliable decision making to improve manufacturing quality, productivity and operational efficiency. We aim to help our clients to transform their factories into manufacturing Lighthouses. I look forward to joining such a dynamic team and leading NexAIoT’s team forward in the next chapter of its development.”

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ooi into the NexAIoT family,” said Joe Lin, NexAIoT President. “NexAIoT has been committed to innovating digital transformation by providing one-stop Industry 4.0 solution services, and Dr. Ooi is the best candidate to spearhead this effort as we continue to grow the brand on a global scale. Dr. Ooi’s appointment comes at an exciting time of accelerating growth for us. His decades of industry experience and acute global expertise will be a true asset for the brand as we push to expand our footprint both domestically and internationally.”

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About Dr. Hoe Seng Ooi

Dr Ooi was previously based in Hong Kong, China, Europe and the Middle East, and had worked for highly reputable corporations in the UK such as Williams Advanced Engineering (consultancy division of Williams F1), Schlumberger and Dyson. His previous assignments include leading the strategic planning and partnerships in smart mobility and the development of advanced electrical machines, micromobility solutions, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and automotive technologies.

Dr. Ooi graduated from Imperial College London with a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His Ph.D. research was focused on sensorless and torque ripple minimisation control of switched reluctance motor using artificial neural networks.