NIFE 200-P20

Softlogic, Intel Celeron, 2.5" SSD/HDD, CODESYS Control RTE


• Minimum of Cycle time : 250μs
• Large retain memory : 1MB, based on NVRAM
• Max. number of tasks : 100 (Cyclic, Event…)
• Support unlimited tags / points
• I/O system : PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP
• OPC UA Server
• IEC 61131-3
• On-line debug
• One non-Windows CPU core running CODESYS Runtime
• C-Integration (Option)
• PLC Handler (Share memory API)


A PC-based controller is a rugged computer designed as a hardware platform to control an industrial control system and has been adapted for industrial applications in various forms for a long time. The PCbased controller performs an auxiliary function within a control system (for process control, motion control, robot control, automatic optical inspection, measurement and more) and connects sensors and other field devices simply through standard I/Os. Using IEC 61131-3 programming tools, NexAIoT PC-based controllers (NIFE and Control Panel) are already equipped with SoftPLC and real-time engines to connect to common fieldbus devices and communicate with automation components. With an open architecture, NexAIoT PC-based controllers also support standard computing languages, such as C and C++.
IoT applied to automation uses this technology to streamline and create system architectures that are more affordable, responsive, and effective. NexAIoT PC-based controllers enable frictionless communications and interaction from manufacturing field input/output (I/O), including sensors, actuators, analyzers, drives, vision, video, and robotics, for increased manufacturing performance and flexibility. With the open connectivity, NexAIoT PC-based controllers can help drive intelligence to the edge of the system with the ultimate goal of all industrial devices supporting IP, including field I/O and sensors which are already being used in manufacturing.


CODESYS CODESYS runtime version
Minimum of Cycle time 250μs
Max. number of tasks  100
Support unlimited tags  Yes
I/O system  PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP
OPC UA Server Yes
IEC61131-3 Language Yes
On-line debug Yes
PLC Handler (Share memory API) Yes
DC Enable Yes
Support minimum of axes 64 axes, based on device performance
PLCopen Part 1,2,4
ETG. 6010 (EtherCAT over CiA.402 Yes
Motion analyzer included Yes
Single axis control  Read and write parameters, Position, velocity, and acceleration profiles 
Multi axis control  Electronic gear with synchronization position , Operation of cams and cam switches 
CODESYS TargeVisu Yes
CPU & Memory CPU Intel Celeron J1900 (2.42GHz, 4C4T,10W)
Chipset Bay Trail-D
Max. Memory 2 x DDR3 SO-DIMM
8GB Max.
Graphic DVI 1
DP (Display Port) 1
eDP connector 1
Storage HDD Space 1
CFast Socket -
SD Card 1
External I/O USB 1 x USB 3.0
3 x USB 2.0
LAN Ports 2
Audio Mic-in
Serial & GPIO Serial Port (External) * : isolation 2 x RS232/422/485*
Serial Port (internal) -
GPIO internal 4-in/4-out (internal)
Expansion miniPCIe 2
SIM Card Holder 1
Expansion -
Power Power Input Range ATX, 24V DC
Mechanical System Dimension (WxDxH) 85 x 157 x 214 mm
OS & SW Win7 32bit  Yes
Win7 64bit  Yes
Win10 32bit -
Win10 64bit Yes
Linux Ubuntu Yes
Cerfification General CE Approval
- EN61000-6-2
- EN61000-6-4
FCC Class A

Ordering Information

NIFE 200-P20
CODESYS SoftPLC License included
Option Automation Software License
PN: 6014500020X00
CODESYS TargetVisu


Upload Date File Name Version OS Type Description Download
2016/05/11 Quick Reference Gudie 1.0 Windows 1.3 MB
Upload Date File Name Version OS Type Description Download
2016/05/11 Chipset 1.0 Windows 1.6 MB
2016/05/11 MBI 1.0 Windows 1.3 MB
2016/05/11 LAN 1.0 Windows 168.5 MB
2016/05/11 Kernel Mode Driver Framework 1.0 Windows 1.5 MB
2016/05/11 Intel Processor 1.0 Windows 21.3 MB
2016/05/11 Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (Intel® TXE) 1.0 Windows 47.9 MB
2016/05/11 USB 3.0 1.0 Windows 5.2 MB
2016/05/11 Audio 1.0 Windows 224.9 MB
2016/05/11 Graphic 1.0 Windows 354.9 MB
2016/05/11 User Manual 1.0 Windows 6.4 MB
Upload Date File Name Version OS Type Description Download
2022/05/27 CODESYS License Activation v1.0 1.0 All OS PDF 1.5 MB
2021/08/24 2021 Product Solution Guide 1.0.0 All OS PDF 4.2 MB
2021/04/09 SoftPLC Flyer All OS PDF 1.8 MB