Vision Gateway-Non-protocol Data Extracting Solution Introduction

Vision Gateway provides an excellent safety solution to extract production data from legacy equipment via its display signals then shares the extracted data with the enterprise war-room or data center, without having to modify or replace the existing hardware system. Vision Gateway comes with unique functions, including automatic page-turning mechanism, keyboard and mouse control, hotkey setting, and so on. Also, it takes only 30-min to set up the device and get ready to extract data from legacy equipment without disrupting in-operation equipment. Vision Gateway helps OT and IT staff to overcome the lack of connectivity and capability problems on legacy equipment that has phased out or too expensive to upgrade. It also prevents data collection difficulties caused by the diversity of protocols, APIs, and log formats of different equipment. The user-friendly interface of vision Gateway allows operators to configure the settings, which makes the installation process easier and possible to operate remotely. Furthermore, vision Gateway is compatible with other NexAIoT IoT Total Solutions that provide developer tools to meet all the needs in designing smart factories.