Mission & Vision

NexAIoT is a technology provider that leads Taiwan towards a complete smart solution for Industry 4.0. Through a world-class technical service team, NexAIoT provides customized solutions and technical support to re-evolve the industrial and manufacturing operating model to make it safer, smarter, more efficient, and able to surpass previous production capacity. Through seamless software and hardware information integration, the manufacturing system can continue to learn. The integrated information provides a complete view of operations, turning data into precise actions. NexAIoT is strived to help our customers to make better, faster, and more accurate decisions, and reduce operating costs.


Help customers complete the challenges of OT/IT system integration with the iAT2000 Cloud SCADA System, bring a new vision and competitive advantage to enterprises with the high-performance Enterprise War Room, and make it  easy to introduce Industry 4.0 and smart digital manufacturing.


Not satisfied with NexAIoT being the best choice for the introduction of automation in various fields; aim to become the leading pioneer of industrial IoT system integrators.

NexAIoT I4.0 Digital Transformation Solution Video


Market Value Proposition 

Core Technology Competitiveness

  • EtherCAT Technology Group official website–– the first manufacturer in Asia to obtain an EtherCAT master Master Controller Supplier that is used in robots and machine controllers besides Japan
  • Developed the IoT Studio and OPC UA one-click to cloud IoT software that were officially certified by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and SAP
  • Integrated fieldbus communication software of well-known brands in Europe, America, and Japan, and provide the four-in-one plant-wide solution for PLC gateway, CNC gateway, robot gateway, and Fab4.0 gateway
  • Produced the first vibration analysis software for predictive maintenance that was classified into package solutions for continuous vibration and discontinuous vibration
  • Invented the iAT2000 Cloud SCADA System which was the world's first industry 4.0 solution based on open architecture and industrial communication standards
  • Led the development of Enterprise War Room solution that integrated OT and IT application modules (12 functions of ten types of modules) with the iAT2000 system for sales of industry 4.0 plant-wise solutions
  • Operated the industrial Internet of Things education market, provided educational robots, industrial Internet of Things systems and learning materials for professors and students to start the research and development
  • One of the few manufacturers in the industry that can provide industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing consultation and project implementation, and able to form coalition with many well-known system integrators

Market Value

  • The sole manufacturer in Taiwan that does not need to purchase controller software from foreign manufacturers and has the full control of the developed technology and product price.
  • Master the essential software of the Industrial Internet of Things that were utilized by the world's leading automation companies
  • Produced the first vibration analysis software for predictive maintenance that was classified into package solutions for continuous vibration and discontinuous vibration
  • Provided Taiwan’s only PDM solution with robotics/CNC/rotating equipment that has been introduced into Taiwan’s semiconductor industry
  • Possessed market competitive advantages with high integration, cost-effectiveness, and easy integration of controllers from well-known automation manufacturers
  • Equipped NEXCOM’s Huaya Factory as an Industry 4.0 demonstration center and open it to public to show the strength of a working Industry 4.0
  • Designed training plans that were adopted by government agencies and school departments to achieve talent cultivation
  • Integrated ICT, smart machinery, smart manufacturing, AI advisory groups, and industry alliances to be a leading manufacturer of Industry 4.0 project implementation