NISE 51 Has Transformed Industrial Automation into Digitized and IoT Smart Factory

Powered by Intel® Celeron® processor, the slim box computer NISE 51 featuring multiple I/O design and the capability to meet customers’ need is the key for M2M intelligent system as an intelligent IoT gateway.

Discover a Better Automation Gateway and Controller with the NIFE 104 Fanless Computer

Built as an open PC platform, the NIFE 104 exceeds traditional programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, thanks to an inherently modular and adaptable design. Based on Intel Atom® and Intel® Celeron® processors, the NIFE 104 boasts a super compact and light form factor that literally fits in your palm but nonetheless offers plenty of customization and upgrade options.

eLITE610 Embodies A High Performance HMI Solution for Machine Control and Monitoring

NEXCOM HMI eLITE610 embodies a high performance real-time control and monitoring solution for factory automation. Capable to deliver enhanced 2D and 3D graphics in high resolution, the eLITE610 comes with the HMI software JMobile Studio to simplify design and development. This HMI solution provides a flexible and more intuitive user experience for operators, allowing control, monitoring and visualization of machine processes to ensure data acquisition for optimal operations.

NexAIoT will join QualityLine’s AI data integration technology to serve its customers business needs.

NexAIoT, a company committed to be the champion of Industry 4.0, has transformed how Industrial IoT solutions are provided. Today the company announced that has joined forces with QualityLine’s AI data integration and advanced analytics technology to empower their EWR (Enterprise Wall Room) and gateways to customers.

PC-Based Controller Integrates Billing System for Car Washes in Dubai

NexAIoT's PC-based controller NIFE 200 represents an integral solution to guide three different washing lines in an automated car wash system taking care of the billing system and water usage simultaneously. By employing the NIFE 200 controller, the client can provide a more customized service, increase the washing capacity, eradicate human errors, and better handle day-to-day financial operations through remote monitoring.

Lenovo I4.0 & iRPA Integration Project

Facing the opportunity of a new round of intelligent transformation of the industry, Lenovo puts forward a strategy of smart transformation, focusing on the three directions of Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Verticals to become the industry leader and enabler of intelligent transformation.

Cooler Master Digital Factory Renovation Project

In order to strengthen the service advantages of the global manufacturing industry, Cooler Master began the planning of machine equipment networking in phases in 2018, and the goal was to move towards the Industry 4.0 and a fully digital factory in all directions.

KiniK Diamond Disc Metalworking Digital Transformation Project

The main customer group of the diamond disc production line of KiniK Company’s Shulin Factory is domestic and foreign semiconductor high-tech customers, which is one of the essential sources of profit for Kinik. Under the wave of Industry 4.0 and production automation, the factory's current production mode was still majorly manual. In September 2019, the senior executives of Kinik Company were invited to visit the NEXCOM Linkou Huaya Smart Factory. After the meeting, the senior executives of Kinik immediately ordered the upgrade of their Shulin Factory’s production line.