Industry 4.0 CPS-ready Controller

This three-in-one controller combines the PLC, IPC, and smart gateway for cloud services connection. It integrates SoftPLC, AOI, IoT Studio, dashboard, OPC UA and cloud connectivity, such as MQTT, RESTful API & OPC UA Server. This controller provides one-stop seamless connection and compatibility with world-renowned SCADA, MES, and ERP systems. It also supports industrial Ethernet and Field bus protocols, including EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Ethernet/IP, ProfiBUS, and DeviceNET that can be connected to other PLCs and Remote I/O.

Simplified Configuration and Fieldbus Control Technology

Save the space of equipment configuration and the cost of line configuration

Support Standard PLCopen Specifications

IEC61131-3 multiple programming grammars that reduces learning time

Multi-axis Motion Control Function

Supports 255-axis motion control and does not require additional hardware configuration

Quick Troubleshoot

When hardware fails, components can be quickly replaced through the Filedbus-based architecture.

Applicable Industries

Various industrial control equipment, automated assembly lines, press machine, grinding machines, packaging production lines, pipe bending machines, etc.

SoftPLC Controller
SoftPLC & HMI Controller
SoftMotion Controller
SoftMotion & HMI Controller
Distributed I/O
Fieldbus Gateway
PLC Gateway
CNC Gateway
Robot Gateway
Vision Gateway
HMI Gateway
Wireless Gateway
Edge to Cloud Server
SAP Edge Server
Enterprise War Room
Mesh WiFi