The hefty amount of data generated by a large number of production equipment, CNC machines, sensors, and manufacturing information systems in a digital factory, if activated and reused, will be the key to making business owners profitable. A factory’s daily operation Information system must include production capacity maximization, production line efficiency, predictive maintenance, factory monitoring, renewable energy utilization, asset reactivation, supplier management, production schedule management, order delivery, product history tracking, and quality management. As the application gets more complicated and the data grows more substantial, the MIS personnel are busy with the demands of the equipment expansions and server deployment and management; they won’t be able to handle emergencies such as remote backup and crisis handling. Cloud services have become the solution to achieve a balance between capital expenditures and operating income. Its business model of volume-based pricing, immediate start and stop, and flexible configuration has quickly adopted by enterprises. In response to the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, on-site production systems must be seamlessly integrated with cloud services. The iAT2000 Cloud SCADA System integrates mainstream cloud service providers' connectivity, storage, micro-services, and data analysis to assist the manufacturing industry in digital transformation. The integrated manufacturing system and cloud system reduces the investment in IT resources and shortens the deployment time, allowing the manufacturing industry to focus on the increase of operating profit.

The Edge Server and IoT Gateway in the iAT2000 system can connect to the services of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, SAP Edge Service, SIEMENS MindSphere, and apply PaaS with various functions provided by mainstream cloud service providers to create SaaS for industrial applications. The SaaS’ digital microservices turn various maintenance and production materials––such as production management, marketing management, human resource management, R&D management, and financial management––into useful operational knowledge. The data generated during the production process are stored in the iAT2000 system and the cloud platforms. iAT2000 also assists companies in collecting, extracting, transposing, loading, and analyzing data, turning it into information that can be used for decision-making and action. The output dashboard screens and reports can trigger events and warnings in real-time and proactively report potential risk factors for business losses.


AWS IoT Greengrass seamlessly extends AWS to edge devices to manipulate the data it generates locally while continuing to use the cloud for management, analysis, and durable storage. Greengrass provides a pre-built connector, which is convenient and time-saving for you to extend the functionality of the node device without the need to write codes.


SAP Edge Service

SAP is the world's leading provider of enterprise management software. In 2016, it launched the 4th generation new ERP suite S/4HANA for digital business that is built on the advanced memory computing platform––SAP HANA. It provides a consumer-level user experience through the SAP Fiori and supports cloud and local deployment modes. The business system represented by S/4HANA focuses on end-to-end business connection and standardization of business processes. At the same time, the SAP Leonardo interconnects equipment, people, and businesses to achieve intelligent business applications.


SIEMENS MindSphere

MindSphere is an open IoT cloud platform launched by Siemens, which can realize the connection between the virtual and the real worlds and provide powerful industrial applications and digital services to accelerate business success. MindSphere's open platform as a service (PaaS) builds a vibrant ecosystem of partners for developing and supplying new applications.


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