Comprehensive Factory Equipment Network Solution

iAT2000 provides a complete solution for various devices and controllers in the factory, it connects to

Industrial field bus gateway with real-time PLC requirements

World-renowned CNC controllers, including CNC gateways of Focas, OPC UA, EZSocket, and LSV2

Famous industrial robot controllers, including KUKA, ABB, FAUNC, and YASKAWA robot gateways

Non-intrusive gateways that cannot provide protocols by converting images to digital communication including page -turning mechanism

Best Solution for Factory Equipment Integration

Integrate fieldbus communication of well-known makers from European, American, and Japan, and even devices without protocols can be converted into data through the image capturing technology

One Click to Cloud

Simple settings can send data to major cloud web service, such as AWS, Azure, and SAP

Simple Settings for M2M(Machine to Machine)

Access device data through a single interface software

Built-in Visual Management Software

Each gateway can quickly monitor the equipment status

Applicable Industries

Applicable to PLC, CNC, robot, and PC-based controller industries

SoftPLC Controller
SoftPLC & HMI Controller
SoftMotion Controller
SoftMotion & HMI Controller
Distributed I/O
Fieldbus Gateway
PLC Gateway
CNC Gateway
Robot Gateway
Vision Gateway
HMI Gateway
Wireless Gateway
Edge to Cloud Server
SAP Edge Server
Enterprise War Room
Mesh WiFi