After Care

We provide considerate after-sales service to all of our project service customers. NexAIoT manages the Industry 4.0 project for you so you can focus on your business operations with peace of mind.

Expert Consulting and Planning Services

Factory Expansion Consulting Service

 When you have the plan to expand your factory, we can provide the following services so that you can build your smart factory more quickly and easily:

  • Intelligent production machine
  • Production line manufacturing information
  • Robot Collaboration
  • Intelligent factory management

Evaluation service: NexAIoT evaluates the feasibility of customer’s smart manufacturing based on production quality data and process transparency, plus the required preliminary estimate, effectiveness, etc., to help the customer to optimize product quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce inventory waste.

System Upgrade Services

Our current services encompass Automation System to Integrated System, Edge Server, and even Cloud Services. We provide consulting solutions and product sales packages at each stage with flexible services and applications of automation technology to optimize your plant and operational performance.

Software Technology Transfer and Customized Training Services

Self-developed Technology Transfer Service

NexAIoT cooperates with companies and provides the iAT2000 system, Codesys, JMobile, IoT Studio, or War Room module as the basis for re-development. This system is built on an open standard architecture, and each product is provided with supplementary training. Our partners can independently re-develop new systems, this option is closer to the needs of the enterprise, and it can reduce unnecessary or repetitive development processes.

Customized Software Development Service

Through the partnership business model, we can provide ERP, MES, and other systems that can be designed based on customer needs and processes and retain the expansion flexibility of future business demands. Our customized software development service enhances not only current competitive strength but also guarantees future competitiveness.

  • The software development service is designed and developed entirely per the needs of customers; the existing operating procedures of the customers are maintained, and every investment is spent on the necessary functions.
  • The software development is carried out in modularized methodology to reduce development time and cost.
  • Relevant technologies and source codes can be mastered, and new functions can be added and changed in the future without waiting for product updates.
  • The system interface is flexible, regardless of the various interfaces.

Maintenance Service Contract

The professional support services are provided by NexAIoT 's technical team, as well as by continuously updated version upgrades to ensure your company's system is in the best condition at all times.

Thank you for being a high-quality customer of NexAIoT. To ensure our customers’ rights, we provide excellent warranty services as listed below.

  • Product warranty
    • Two-year warranty is provided after product acceptance in the system.
    • A one-year warranty is provided after the project system is verified.
  • After the system software version is verified, a free upgrade service for the second year is available.
  • Technical support services such as remote connection, telephone, email, etc. within 24 hours.
  • •On-site technician service within the product warranty, plus travel expenses.

• Option to purchase an extended warranty (according to the amount indicated in the contract)

  • System product extended warranty (3rd year: 7%, 4th year: 12%, 5th year: 22%)
  • System project extended warranty (2nd year: 10%, 3rd year: 15%, 4th year: 23% 5th year: 27%)
  • The extended warranty service includes the above product warranty service content.