NEXCOM at TAIROS 2019 to Highlight Innovative Industrial Solutions

SCADA and cloud meet on iAT2000

An all-in-one package for myriad industrial applications, the NEXCOM iAT2000 offers flexible design that works equally well as a local SCADA framework and cloud-based management environment. The NEXCOM War Room at TAIROS 2019 will offer visitors a close look at how the iAT2000 revolutionizes every type of industrial process, connecting seamlessly with CNC machines, programmable logic controllers, and cloud servers. At the same time, the iAT2000 gives users the option to increase security and privacy by focusing on edge computing and balancing local resources with remote management. The iAT2000 offers a true pillar of Industry 4.0 in every scenario.


Holistic product strategy on display

Beyond quality and innovation, the NEXCOM group has become known for having a big picture approach that means each product combines hardware, software, and services. Furthermore, NEXCOM caters to numerous enterprise and industrial needs, with product lines that cover robotics, industrial PCs, gateways, controllers, panel PCs, signage, and numerous other areas. At TAIROS 2019, the NISE and NIFE product ranges will enjoy extended coverage, so visitors should definitely get a closer look.


Fabulous Fab 4.0 has arrived

TAIROS 2019 will provide NEXCOM with a stage to display new Fab 4.0 solutions that will surely please and surprise visitors. NEXCOM and partners have exciting plans for products aimed at the semiconductor fabrication industry, with many news coming soon.


Power of partnerships

NEXCOM is proud to collaborate with key partners EXOR, Intel, SAP, and FFG at TAIROS 2019. NEXCOM works closely with all partners to provide better solutions to customers around the world. At the show, NEXCOM will co-display EXOR panel PCs and edge devices, FFG gateways for CNC deployments, SAP HANA One Click to Cloud running on NEXCOM platforms, and Intel OpenVino High Density Deep Learning (HDDL) as employed in NEXCOM minibot machine vision and AI. NEXCOM holds collaboration with partners as essential to innovation and mutual success, having the opportunity to work together at the show will be an honor and a privilege.

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